Director - Annette Wallace



fullsizeoutput 684fAs of January 2017, we officially have a New Director!  Annette Wallace has been a member of Sweet Adelines International since September, 1990. She has sung in four choruses throughout Nebraska and Oklahoma and has been in many award winning quartets.  Her current quartet Fever! is the 2017 Region 5 - 4th Place Medalist!  Fever! scored 603 points - their highest score ever!


Annette enjoys leading the rehearsals of the Acappella Omaha Chorus.  She also loves working with the chorus on excellent vowel matching, great vocal production, adding character to the singing, and keeping in synch! Annette is an Expression Judge in the International Judging Program for Sweet Adelines International.  She puts her ears to the test every time she is on a judging panel.  Annette was assigned to her first official panel as the Expression Judge in Region 6 in 2015!  She knows judging will help her become a better singer and teacher.  Annette loves to coach both choruses and quartets.  Sharing her love for a cappella music through singing, performing, and coaching is her passion!


Annette Wallace also serves on the Spirit of The Midwest - Region 5 Management Team as the Education Coordinator.


Assistant Director - Deb Van Erdewyk


Assistant Director, Deb Van Erdewyk, became a member of the Acappella Omaha Chorus in 1976.  She has been a front line dancer and Choreographer for over 30 years.


As time passed, she became interested in directing.  In 1998, Deb became an assistant director for the Acappella Omaha Chorus.  Her love of teaching music and dance brings review to the chorus each Monday evening to begin the rehearsal.  What an amazing journey this has been to be part of an organization that gives women an opportunity to try a variety of jobs that they are interested in.  Sometimes it leads to something you weren’t even expecting to fall in love with.  It becomes a part of your soul.  “There is nothing more wonderful than helping to direct a chorus of women that love what they do as much as you do!” She has also been a member in a wonderful quartet, “Our Choice” for several years.  All of these adventures and challenges can lead us to become even better than we thought we could be.  Don’t miss the adventure; you really might enjoy the ride!

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